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Seal Manufacturing Systems


Complete turn-key CNC Seal Manufacturing Systems


UTEC Sealing Solutions offers you the latest technology in CNC machining systems, state-of-the-art computer technology and seal production software as well as high-performance sealing materials – the complete solution for modern seal production up to 1500mm OD.

UTEC CNC lathes are custom-made, fully integrated systems, for the instant production of various seals used in hydraulic and pneumatic applications, as well as engineered plastic parts.

Machine, software, semi-finished materials and tools are precisely tuned to guarantee efficient machining and top-quality products.

Lathe-cut seals gain an ever-increasing market share in today´s sealing industry and are widely accepted in OEM and MRO applications — UTEC Sealing Solutions contributes its part to the success of this manufacturing technology.


High-end Technology


The machines are based on custom-designed lathes for metal machining and are modified and upgraded in our factory with all the features necessary for the machining of seals and plastic parts.

All machines are equipped with high-end mechanical and electrical/electronic components. The high precision guides, disc turret, bearing, drive systems and control unit are without exception produced by world-wide, well-known brands who define the standards of modern CNC machining technology.

These top-quality components in combination with a sturdy machine design guarantee a long service life of UTEC Seal Manufacturing Systems.


In order to guarantee the smooth operation of your UTEC CNC lathe, our customers will receive training on their machine, in our factory. After technical acceptance of the machine, it will be commissioned and installed on site by one of our engineers.


Technical Features




√ sistema completo da máquina para a produção de vedações 600-1500mm OD


Tur Torre de ferramenta de 12 estações com sistema de fixação de ferramentas VDI-20


√ O mais recente sistema de acionamento e controle FANUC Oi-T *


√ PC com software UTECFLEX


√ Cortador de aparas e unidade de sucção


√ Ferramentas de corte e suportes


√ Sistema de lubrificação automática


√ Sistema de refrigeração (fluido de corte)


√ Máquina de lapidação de ferramentas Accu-Finish (opcional)


Lead parafuso de avanço THK e fuso NSK


Covers Coberturas de proteção totalmente fechadas

Machine Components


Control & Drive System
UTEC machines are equipped with the latest technology of FANUC, the world-wide leader of control systems for machine tools. The FANUC 0i-T* 2-axis control and the iServo-Drive System offer a state-of-the-art, high precision machine control system with high efficiency and reliability.



Tool System UT400E
The turret disc on the UT400E model comes with a fast insert clamping system for up to 12 tools and guarantees a fast tool change.




Tools & Holders
The quality of cutting tools is of highest importance in the production of lathe-cut seals. A complete set of high-precision cutting tools made of fine-grain carbide is supplied with every UTEC machine. In order to cover the complex, complete range of existing seal profiles, most tools have a special geometrical shape and are custom made for seal production.




Material Clamping System
In order to efficiently clamp the raw material billets, special clamping jaws are mounted on to the steel body of the high-precision 3-jaw machine chuck. These sets of multi-range clamping jaws are made of high-grade aluminum and are designed to clamp certain diameter ranges of semi-finished billets.




Chip Cutter & Suction Unit
A well working chip cutter and suction unit play an important role in the manufacturing process of seals and engineered plastic parts, as they contribute to preventing swarf buildup around the tool and thus to a better surface finish of the end product.

The chip cutter is made of high-grade aluminum, using HSS tools to hack up the chips and keep the tools clean for optimal machining performance.





Optional Accessories
UTEC recommends the Accu-Finish tool lapping machine in combination with a microscope to sharpen, and verify the state of, tool tips.  This tool lapping technology is highly efficient, as it substantially increases the service life of a cutting tool, and guarantees optimal tool sharpness, which in turn assures excellent surface quality of your end product.

Other accessories, such as measuring devices, bevelling shears, band saws for cutting guide rings etc can be supplied on request.




UTEC “Flex” Software


The production software is developed in-house by UTEC engineers and underlies continuous updates, upgrades and improvements. Each of the more than 180 standard profiles can be easily modified by the user in the "Flex Mode" without the need to make modifications to the NC program itself.

The production process for seals is fast and easy:
1. Select your specific seal from one of the profile groups (wipers, rod seals etc.)
2. Key-in the nominal dimension of the seal as required (any modifications of dimensions can easily be made in the "Flex"-mode).
3. Select the sealing material and billet size from the drop-down list.
4. Suitable cutting tools will be proposed and the NC-program is generated automatically in the background.
5. Transfer the production date (CNC file) to the control unit
6. Set up the CNC machine for production and start the machining process.

This way, and endless number of seal profiles and dimensions can be manufactured. This is what makes lathe-cut seal manufacturing technology the most versatile in seal business.




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